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Hi, I am Poyraz Demirci. I'm in love with art since I know myself. To me, art is what makes my heart to beat. There happends something magical in my body. 

Music is one of those magical potions for me. My brain just starts to drain all the creativity and energy.

Photos is where I got the stories from. Just a single photo with ink, can tell thoughts and emotions that are difficult to explaint even for humans.


So I decided to blend those two things, and added a little bit of flowing along with movement. Films. I had so much thoughts that were ready to mix up with creativity, I wanted to tell them in the best way I could do, that's why I started to make films.

I picked up my camera and started to recording. I was talking about some topics that were creating storms in my mind. I published them on YouTube. It was big fun for me. As I shoot new videos, I wanted to shoot better ones. Better stories, better sounds, better images, better compositions. I started to improve myself in filmmaking.


A few months later, I came up with the idea of ​​creating a brand that would act as a signature on my projects and collect my films under a more specific name. So, I have created docop.

Next to all these things, I started to make poster designs and share them on social media. I created a special Instagram account for this, and named it "docopdesigns".

I always tried to use my whole creativity, to make the best one yet I have ever made. And this is where I came with all of it.

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